Wednesday, 17 October 2007


gotta love that shop. and the fact that it's inside Borders is even better! i got 4 funky packs of stickers for £1 each yesterday.
now...will i use them...

and now dont laugh, but this is a young me!


Linda said...

Are we supposed to use our stash? I thought it was just for looking at!! How's dear 'old' Swindon - it's my home town - I still have my brother living there so visit from time to time.

Eminepala said...

oh my gosh, girl you look so cute on that picture... thank you for your compliment...


Jodie said...

ohh glad they came!!!
aww ur pic is so so cute hehe.

as for the lil zeus, want me to list it on etsy for you, just email me and let me know, and also will try get some lil buttons the same, or the face of zeus..on for u if u let us know how many u want :)