Friday, 12 October 2007

2 rants and a rave

rant 1: postal strikes. postmen have had around 8% pay rise over 2 years. nurses meanwhile have to fight to get a measly 1.9% this year which is less than cost of livinge. postmen can strike when they want (and they do). They have been at work since weds and intend to strike again on mon.

i am waiting for my etsy buttons from Jodie. grrr

rant 2: our rubbish still hasn't been picked up and its 4pm. I live on a new estate and the trucks can't get in, so we have to leave our bags on the main road. Imagine 30 households worth of rubbish sitting outside since last night. tasty.

rave: I have been listening to cds I forgot i had, including this one from The Littlest Man Band which includes Scott and Dan from ReelBigFish.

in extra news: i think Zeus got fed up with the 3 locusts in his viv. when i left earlier he was cowering in a corner and when i got back, they had gone and all i could see was a yellow and black striped leg....

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