Tuesday, 30 September 2008

say it in scrap 8 & 9

(sorry they're dark) ok the first is say it in scrap challenge 8 and the second challenge 9. check them out, take part.

ive also added blogger Follower to the toolbar on the right. show me who you are!


redmom said...

You're on the ball this week!! Great layouts, and totally know where you're coming from with the travel envy!
We can dream of dropping everything to travel.....dreams are good right?!
Thanks for playing along!


Sandy said...

i love this one too from last weeks' challenge. where'd you get those numbers? totally cool. (-:

I am... said...

so happy you played along!!
you know i love these pages.

Veronica said...

wowza! love the things I can't stand! I need to do that lately :) hahah