Thursday, 25 September 2008


*the oxfam boxes a couple of posts ago were rejected because they were supposed to be black, not blue. my sister's company also offered them 50% off but they still said no. charity begins at home i guess!

*had a very unsuccessful attempt at trying to get tom to the vets today. he was all starved for blood tests, was miowing until i got out of bed and when i did he vanished under the bed. my attempts at retrieving him were met with hissing!

*have a new ignition on my car. fingers crossed it will start ALL THE TIME and not when it feels like it.

*got my october qtea kit for my GDT spot. love love love it. if you fancy being the guest designer for the spring add on, check out the blog by saturday the 27th september!!

1 comment:

~Vicki~ said...

that october kit is gorgeous!!! well done on the gdt place - loving your blog!!!