Tuesday, 9 September 2008

first faves for september

1. for ev err, 2. one year down, 3. My Joy, 4. Favs. *The Art is Found*, 5. knitwear, 6. cherry tree fabric quilt top, 7. whee, 8. Side Facing Chips - Keep, 9. Bow Wow Trad - NOT MY PIC, 10. Untitled, 11. You Fear, 12. sunflower love, 13. I want to *September Scrap for a Cure Kit*, 14. love hina anime cupcakes, 15. Charlie + Lola, 16. "Boo" Pink Paislee 'Vintage Moon' Card

got my qtea kit today. lots of cuteness in this one which im saving for an all day crop on saturday.
finally, i won one of these little matchbooks from shabbychic crafts! yay me! check out their new tags coming soon.

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