Monday, 15 September 2008


had a very productive saturday, managed 6 layouts!
the stamped image on this is a design by angie delarie

the last one is for a challenge on inspired by amelie.

yesterday i was supposed to be going to a psychic fair and a 'wartime weekend' at a local steam railway station but neither happened for various reasons.

and debbiem, i still need your address for the stamp RAk

right, must take my car for its MOT!


I am... said...

hey steph lovin the new pages!
especially the one of you, that is cute as!

and hey i thought of you when i got the fabric, and am going to send you some pieces sometime soon...i thought you can use them for dresses or something for ur girl :)
i also have some other bits to send you, must get my butt into gear!


Anam_Kihaku said...

girlie - get a googlemail address asap... I got your message.... Do you have anything done currently about tattoos as I’ve got something going to print this week if you want in but i’ll need high res photos like today....

Angie said...

Hi steph ...
Yes i saw it ..but on flickr !!
Thanks sooo much i love it ...been soo those other pages as well ..u are amazing !!