Sunday, 11 November 2007

thank you.. those who have fought for our country in wars past and present. for those of you who dont know, it's Rememberance Sunday, or Poppy Day as it's also known.but i have to say i was upset at the lack of people wearing their poppies in town, and how few did the 2 minute silence. its not much to ask is it?? 2 minutes to show respect and thanks for those who have died protecting us??

..and also a thank you to jodie for my chameleon :) very cute.

it's very strange without zeus in here and without his timer ticking away...luckily my Swatch is very loud so i still have some noise next to me :)

yesterday was crop day and i manged a CJ and 2 singles

also popped around to my sister's new house and saw her little kitten roxie! so cute. my order of love, elsie zoe came yesterday from scrapshed, as well as some more buttons for the swap im hosting, and i preordered the new streetlight manifesto album. phew!

oh, and my qtea kit came, am already feeling inspired.

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Linda said...

Great LO's.

You've been tagged - if you pop over to my blog you'll see what happens next.

Linda x