Tuesday, 20 November 2007

i return!

Disney paris was brill. but very very cold! so cold we didnt watch a parade cause we all wanted to curl up in bed! it didnt rain though which was really good, and i went on all the roller coasters with hardly any queueing involved. perfect. bit gutted that tower of terror doesnt open til january though. never mind! im doing florida next year. it was supposed to be decorated for christmas, but i had imagined it being more christmassy than it was. i didnt buy anything there, apart from a thermal mug which came with gorgeous hot chocolate (or chocolat chaud) in. the top photo is me, my sisters, my nephew and my little sis's bf, and the bottom photo is me, my sis and my nephew with king john from robin hood. :)
i got back from disney paris last night, feeling very ill! i felt rough when i woke up and turbulence the whole flight home meant i had to stop the car and jump out! i think my little sis gave me a stomach bug. unfortunately the place chosen happened to be for 'doggers'. eugh. vile.

now i just need to sort out photos!

and when i got back, my little traveller strawberry was waiting for me! thanks leigh-ann!

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