Tuesday, 6 November 2007

remember, remember...

so on sunday, Zeus went to his new home. we took him to a guy near Reading who runs a rehoming place from his house. i dont know what i was expecting when i got there...but not someone's house, especially one as filthy as his! the kitchen was full of dirty plates and stuff! gross. but he knows his stuff with reptiles and has even been interviewed for the BBC and the Sunday Telegraph.
it was strange, but the times we had tried to take Zeus to the vets, he was impossible to get out, but the time we take him to his new home, it went really smoothly... on the drive there he was really calm in his box, poking his head out occasionally to see what was going on. we got him there and the guy said he was really cute and looked very impressive and healthy and i nearly started to cry! we took his viv with us so he would be in a familiar environment so hopefully he'll do really well. his new home is in a conservatory so it gets really warm, and the guy there is around all day so he can get the attention he needs. *sigh* i miss him. its really empty without him. the room the computer is in is the room Zeus was in, so he used to sit watching the computer whilst i typed. :-( i knew marcus was upset, but he didnt show it til sunday night, when he totally broke down!


yesterday we went to Birmingham and i had a delish donut from Krispy Kreme in Selfridges. it was called something like 'sugar and spice' and was basically a Christmas flavoured donut! totally scrum. bought a few other bits then got home and went to see some fireworks! good old Guy Fawkes.

also check out 'sew, mama, sew'. its a blog with 30 days of gifts to sew, with tutorials for each.

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domestic goddess said...

love your firework photo, and yum to donuts!!