Saturday, 24 November 2007

loud night out.

yesterday me and marcus went to cribbs causeway for a bit of crimbo shopping but i ended up spending all my money on me in John Lewis! i got a badge maker, a pirate cross stitch, some christmas slipper socks ( and a pair for a present) and a dress pattern! oh and a momiji doll for a present. and some little fake uggs for my neice..very cute!! there were loads of chrismas nibbles in john lewis, including gingerbread houses, sleighs and could make a whole village!

also saw this brill pug dog bag...

then last night i went to see some bands with a couple of friends of mine, chris and gaye. it was supposed to be a ska night. the first band, grownathome were really good, like early capdown; the second band, flaming tsunamis were hardcore ska, bit too heavy for me, and the last band i hated!! the womans voice just went right through me! chris was really happy at the end cause he had the tsunamis staying at his house!

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Jodie said...

you are so cute an those clips are adorable!!

sorry to hear about that girl at work, that is so sad sending you hugs.