Monday, 17 September 2007

scrap a little sunshine

i dont know how many of you have heard of the project 'scrap a little sunshine' but its a fab idea. basically people make minibooks for children in hospital to use as a way of distracting themselves from whatever they're going through. the site gives you ideas for minibooks and templates for making them, or you can make your own. have a look!!

now for an update on the feet...i can walk on them again! yay!

also today i finished a patchwork bag i made out of 2 old t shirts...not bad for a first attempt!

AND i emailed a possible wedding venue, wellington barn near calne.

on a down note, me and marcus have decided we can no longer look after our chameleon Zeus. we absolutely love him but feel we're not doing something right as he doesn't seem happy and think it would be selfish to keep him. we've contacted a sanctuary near Reading and they are happy to take him when they get some space. it will be very sad to see him go but we've persevered for 12 months.

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