Thursday, 27 September 2007

a handmade thank you

i went into work on tuesday after 13 days off and this handpainted mug was waiting for me. it's a thank you from a family who's baby i looked after. its a lot more thoughtful than chocolates!

on monday i went to my local scrapaholics crop where our kit was rusty pickle. i managed 2 1/2 LOs, see if you can guess the theme!!!

The first is from Anam's inked scrapbookers blog where she wanted people to scrap their first tattoos. mine were my stars, which i got spur of the moment because the ear stretching i got wasnt satifying enough!!

and this one is using the kit papers and is my new feet tattoos :) the idea coming from the blog category stories, to scrap your fave body part.

i had an email from the reptile sanctuary guy yesterday, saying he's just waiting for a tank and then he can have Zeus :( ive said it before, it would be selfish to keep him for us, but i really will miss him. he's still not happy but i think its too cold for him at the moment, even with heating on. poor thing.

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