Friday, 7 September 2007

chibi dolls

whilst browsing blogs (as you do when you're bored) i came across a couple of things that made me go 'ooooo'. and now i will share :-D

First is this one : 1000 squares in 2007. basically it's someone who intends to make 1000 inchies ( 1x1" mini pieces of art). if you scroll down to look at the collage its amazing!

then i managed to find this shop/blog 'one red robin'. it's a woman in australia who makes the most amazing dolls! they truly are works of art! i wish i could make fact, this may have inspired me to have a go at something new, especially as im waiting on my etsy fabric!

we're still persevering with the syringe watering of zeus. today was day 4 and although he now doesnt trust me anymore, he seems much perkier. no joy on the eating front as yet but the vet seemed happy with current progress.

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