Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Spoilt Zeus

firstly id like to share a LO i did based on the blog 'a true friend a priceless treasure'. the theme of the prompt was 'spoilt', the idea being to show how you're pet is spoilt. the journalling basically talks about how he doesnt eat what he's supposed to or how he's supposed to. for a wild animal he's very lazy!!

next is my attempt at pencil lines 45, a sketch by nisa fiin. now i like it but feel it needs something else. any comments and suggestions greatly appreciated! (its the one at the top, i dont know why they dont load in the order i want them to!!)

lastly i start another run of nights tonight. *sigh* so many other things i would rather be doing, namely not much!! but not much with marcus of course. had a big laugh on sunday watching him trying to change a king size duvet cover...i had tears!


Kim said...

A great layout for the "spoiled" challenge at A True Friend. Challenge 9 was just posted and I hope you work up another layout!

Laurie said...

Fab layout for the spoilt challenge. Thankyou for taking part :)


ania said...

I like your take on the PLsketch! Not sure if it needs anything else really... maybe a bigger title if you absolutely wants to change anything? I dunno :)