Sunday, 19 August 2007

london calling

yeah me and marcus went to little old london yesterday to go to the british museum. theres some amazing stuff there, the mummies being the most famous and the busiest exhibit. we preferred the japan rooms, very calming!! apparently samurai women had 'catalogues' for their robes! they had magazines which showed fashionable designs for robe backs and emroidered accordingly.

the two photos are of us posing in the museum. im fed up of being the photographer and having no proof that i am even present. until this trip.

being in london meant obviously shopping but i found nothing!! it was crazy! id seen a gorgeous tartan dress in a magazine from urban outfitters, but they didnt have it. topshop do a range of accessories called 'made' which are made by a village in africa; apparently they do a lovely little saddle bag..which i couldnt see. all i ended up getting were 2 4x7" sketchbooks from muji in selfridges for £2 each. cant wait to use them.

also waiting for my kit from the Little Red Scrapbook co.

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