Wednesday, 1 August 2007


firstly, here's a LO i did using the Scrapping Angels july kit.

secondly, ive been having issues with my other half. it's my sister's 21st birthday in november and the plan is for a load of us to go to Disney Paris. but now marcus doesnt think he can afford it so rather than having a nice weekend away together with rides thrown in, im having to share a room with my stepsisters and my nephew. i dont mind the sharing but i would rather marcus was there with me. we didnt go camping with my family in newquay as he didnt think he could afford it..where is his money going??? its so annoying! and we're going to the dogs (dog racing) tonight with his work....i do things for him!!

to make myself feel better, ive ordered a kit from the little red scrapbook company and am going to get myself the 'hellogoodbye' album. and eat chocolate.

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