Thursday, 30 August 2007


ok so i've been playing this morning and have come up with two 8.5 x 11 single LOs. i really love this size! the first is based on a prompt from the blog 'a true friend, a priceless treasure'.
The picture isnt very clear but it's of Zeus, our chameleon. i didnt think i needed any journalling as the title says it all!!

another one ive done is this:

The piccies are of Marcus's last tattoo session, using chipboard from poundland and paper from my LRSC kit. a nice simple one :)

our Dyson got delivered today! it was a very exciting exciting in fact that i got it out of the box right away and did the whole house. it was disgusting!! i didnt realise there was that much dirt. ick.

wow my life is exciting...


Laurie said...

Brilliant layouts! The cuddles one is funny, thankyou for taking part :)


Katy said...

Love your challenge LO, made me smile :)