Tuesday, 26 January 2016

December Daily.

Or, I Tried it Once But Won't be Doing it Again.

I'm sure I blogged about my lucky win from Simple Stories? I won't a bunch of goodies for doing December Daily. I was so excited! I had never managed to complete one before so this was really exciting.

But I didn't actually enjoy it. I felt unsure how to fill those boring days where nothing actually happened. I felt pressured to finish it. I didn't like being behind.

So this year, no December Daily, just plain old scrapbooking.


Sian said...

I think you are right. Sometimes December Daily gets built up into a whole big thing it doesn't need to be. Nothing wrong with a few ordinary days and some ordinary scrapbooking :)

stephanie said...

It's such a relief to realise this! I have a few years of unfinished DD and always thought I'd failed.