Monday, 1 February 2016

Memorandum Monday

Sian over at from high in the sky does a 'what you've learned this week' thing called Memorandum Monday and this week I'm joining in.

Something I have learned is that i still don't like avocado, even if they're disguised in fancy smoothies (which is supposed to hide the taste). They're grim and spoil anything the touch. So Mr Avocado, we're parting ways.


Sian said...

LOL! Funny,yesterday we were just talking about avocados and the moment they seem to be having. TSO said she had never tried one, so I said I'd buy one. bet she thinks it's nasty too.

Have a good week!

Louise H said...

Avocado's seem to be so in, but I don't like the taste OR the texture - so you're not alone!