Wednesday, 2 June 2010

this sucks.

so im very sorry for my continuing absence. the reason for this is we recently tried to change internet providers and each time there was an issue at the telephone exchange. we found out today (3 days before our new internet was supposed to go through) that the exchange our number is routed through does not support broadband. great. so im currently sat in the library, getting my internet fix. you dont realise how much you rely on internet until it isnt there!!

so during this brief foray into the internet world, i can inform you that the new prompt is up at category stories (i was unable to take part due to this unreliable internet business). go check out the fab LOs and play along with 'the best kind of fun'. Prize kindly donated by our very own Aranka.

and here is my sketch for sketch 51 at Twisted Sketches..

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