Friday, 25 June 2010


As the weather has again been stunning, i got my bike out and went for a sedate 2 hour ride. I had to persuade the twins they couldnt come..they tried every option for sneaking on board.. As part of my ride, i popped into the house development we've had our eye on. the lady in there told me the amount they'd give us for part exchange would be about £5000 less than we'd get on the open market, and we'd have to complete within a month, which would mean moving back in with families for 4 months. i woulnt mind, but i doubt our cat would like it.
So it's back to the drawing board. we need to start looking at properties already on the market. *sigh*

and just for fun, this is why i married marcus. not for the jewellery, the stability, the meals out etc..but for the expensive imported PopTarts.


Vicki said...

mmmm poptarts!!!!! the twins are gorgeous - good luck with the housing issues xxx

Jodie said...

the man's a keeper thats for sure!! :)
I surprise Ayesha with poptarts sometimes too, when I can get them :)

love the girls in the bike, I wish I had a bike, Ive been looking at hiring one for the day here, we have this amazing bike track called the fernleigh, but hire is about $85, I think i could find a cheap 2nd hand one for less than that, and go riding more often :) wish me luck on my bike hunt lol.

oh and ps: Im sure your perfect house is just out there waiting for you to discover it :)