Tuesday, 18 May 2010

sun today

yes thats right, the UK is finally warming up! hoorah!! i sat outside for all of an hour and i have a nice uneven tan line.

i did my LO for next weeks Twisted Sketch....im early?! scandal!

took some fabby cute blythe photos with my packfilm polaroid..

finished my book..

added a couple more dolly hats to my etsy..

and have been given the good news that, seeing as my uni course has been pulled and im halfway through, im being funded to apply for the remainder wherever i want! now i was thinking of seeing if i could get away with some exotic study, say, australia or america, but that might be pushing it.

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Jodie said...

heeeey well we do have some pretty good uni's here in australia.
newcastle uni is amazing you know ;) haha!
I just found out my uni offers scholorships to overseas for study im SO tempted, but...ugh id feel bad leaving ayesha alone with everything, but wow, id go to europe i think..if only.