Tuesday, 3 March 2009

say it again sam

*yay say it in scrap is back after a break! challenge 14 is 'say what' and this is what i did:

does the boy look 30? no way!!

*also up is Q9 for 52Q, 'what was the last brave thing you did?'

*just watched 'franklyn' at the cinema. very good. highly recommend and all that jazz. starts off not making a whole lot of sense but then it all clicks into place and a big 'aaaaaah' moment follows. go see!! A* for ryan phillipe's english accent.

*bought 2 pairs of jeans for the bargain price of £15 but had a little grumble at having to go up a size. i know that at that price they're going to cut things tight but even so..i have a thigh complex as it is! come on Primark, you're not helping us body concious girls!


Michelle said...

Wow, you are damn fast! I love your take on the challenge. SO glad to be back and have you play along. And good for you for asking your neighbor to stop revving his car so late.

Sarah said...

Great LO, like the Q52 too - so brave! Did it work?

I'm so behind on the q52 thing. Got 4 to do. Eep.

redmom said...

Glad you're back, and so fast too! ;) Love that bicycle paper!!