Monday, 16 March 2009

a proactive day

baked peanut butter and choc chip cookies (very bad, very yum!)

bought some Fimo and had a go at making some buttons..

(they will be painted)

cut and started to sew some dolly dresses.

went to hobbycraft and looked through the knitting and crochet pattern books. i will be brave. looking at silje's blog and her amazing knitted jumpers gives me hope. especially as she hasnt been doing it all that long. also tried to find some cool fabric for a quilt but i resent paying £10 a metre ($15).


Anonymous said...

Ooh, what colours are you going to paint those buttons? They look ace :)

Felicity said...

Super yummy biscuits there!!! and awesome buttons.
BTW thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a beautiful comment.
Felicity x

I am... said...

i want some cookies~!! lol
yeah fabric prices suck, i always buy when they are on the cheap section like down to 8, 4, even 2 and 1 a metre.
or else etsy, but then the dollar is so shitty.

anyway babe, take care.
oooh ps: guess what, i just adopted CO, paid for her this morning :D
im too hooked :D