Friday, 20 March 2009

paper fun

first up is question 11 for 52Q:

and then i did challenge 15 for say it in scrap. i made this one quite personal.

i still havent figured out the turtle eye issue. i think its going to be a case of brute strength.


Kristi said...

Dude!!! I soooo love your say it layout. It's the whole reason I thought of the site, the reason for it's existance! It's great to see raw emotion in a scrapbook layout.

It's super frustrating when the people we care about won't make time for us. I hope it helped getting it out in a layout. :)

redmom said...

Your layout is so real, so honest and totally rocks!!!

I hope one day she will realize what she's missing!!

Michelle said...

Wow, I'm really happy to see you got into this challenge. I hope that your sister matures and realizes how important family is.