Tuesday, 11 December 2007

takeaway christmas pizza

work last night was very busy! as it was our christmas meal and some of us had to work, we had money for takeaway. man we were all looking forward to it!! pizza and chinese..yum. i had to go collect it from the main entrance, a floor up, so ran with pizza money to find mr chinese there too. cue comedy sketch about change which lasted 5 mnutes. then i had to run back down to get money for mr chinese and back up a floor, keeping in mind he was parked in an ambulance parking bay and could be fined. so finally, all food was together.
i had to put it in the coffee room cause one of the patients was awake and it wasnt fair on her (what about us!!), so just as we were about to traipse in one by one, we had a referral from another hospital. *sigh* the team rushed out, leaving cold takeaway, only to get there and find out the child wasnt technically and ITU patient. there then ensued a not very funny sketch involving stressed ward staff, the bed coordinator and us, who didnt want to fill a £1000 a day bed if the child wasnt needing it.
finally food time...oh no! an internal referral!! from the ward already mentioned!! by the time we managed to eat it was VERY cold! ick.

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Jodie said...

ahh damn, pity you had to eat your yummy food, cold.
that sucks youve been working nights, remember to try and take it easy over the holidays ok!!