Tuesday, 4 December 2007

for you

leigh-ann at freckled nest will be making personalised Christmas ornaments, taking orders for a week from wednesday only. she'll also be releasing more little travellers for adoption. check it out tomorrow.
*photo from leigh-ann's blog*

later i might try my hand at painting. i bought a cheap canvas, brushes and pearlescent paints from lidl yesterday and want to try a picture of a russian doll (my new mini obsession). i also need to feed fat cat (my mum's cat Maddie) as my mum is in St Ives and visit my sister Tasha who has picked up the dreaded sickness from my nephew Charlie.

later: just been to see tasha. poor girly is not good. we were watching Family Guy and she kept having to jump up, displacing roxie (the kitten) who had only just settled

and finally, some christmas-ness. marcus put our german decoration together

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