Sunday, 2 December 2007

love this

check this site out..dolly dagger. 5os style coolness

just got back from a family trip to Bath.
  • what an afternoon! to start, my nephew was ill with a sickness bug but was adamant he was coming, so, half asleep, he was dressed and packed into the car with a bowl.
  • on the way to Bath, my stepsister lucy felt ill and we had to pull over on the motorway.
  • we got to Bath and it started to rain and blow a gale. we had gone to see the Christmas market but seeing as the weather was awful, it really wasnt much fun, so we headed to the indoor market, where my other stepsister's (bryony) boyfriend proceeded to shout to her across the market. a nearby couple were none to subtle with their staring and disbelief, so i turned and said 'if you dont like it, dont watch' with non serious tone. yikes, where did feisty me come from!! the couple were gobsmacked and started 'tch'-ing. oops.
  • after being soaked and blown around, we headed for a coffee shop, where my nephew started to feel ill again. he got rushed to the toilet and i struggled up some stairs with his pushchairs. meanwhile next to me, an older guy just watched. so as i walked past, under my breath i said 'people are so polite nowadays' and sat down. his wife joined him and sat down and proceeded to stare daggers at me, so i waved! (more yikes). she didnt like it at all and yelled at me 'you stupid cow, we didnt see you'. charming. Bry didnt like this and told her to wind her neck in, being so rude!!
  • THEN charlie (nephew) sicked up his toast into bry's hand! eugh.
but it was a fun afternoon!!

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