Monday, 28 December 2015

The great project life dilemma

Since doing December Daily (or attempting too) this year, I've got a bit of a bug for pocket scrapbooking. I say every year I want to do project life but never manage it but this year I'm almost certainly, say 75%, thinking I want to do it.

But what album to go for? I like the size of the 6x8 - small always seems easier - but what make? Simple stories? Studio calico? The triple rings of the studio calico are nice and I have a few page protectors already. Or do I go 9x12? Oh the dilemma!!


Louise H said...

I keep attempting PL but always seem to have the 'wrong' page protectors for the photos I want to use. I'm wondering if one of those fuse tools could be the way forward, but have so many divided page protectors already I really should use up first. Hope you find a size to suit you! (And looking forward to seeing your pages too.)

stephanie said...

I decided to stick with the 12x12 album but got a pack With smaller inserts