Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Dec first

I really wanted to do a Dec daily this year. I even won a selection of Claus and Co. goodies from Simple Stories. But there just doesn't seem to be the time! Rosalind is not a napping by self baby, which means mummy can't just do stuff..even day to day stuff!! So I'm going to take photos and as and when I get the chance, put together a really simple album. It won't be a style I want but at least using my free goodies, I might actually complete an album for once!


Louise H said...

Loving those Christmas tights! Just try to get a few notes jotted down before you forget things and take some everyday photos .... they're the type I regret not doing of my children when they were younger. They played with little plastic soldiers in the garden so often, but I don't have one photo of them doing that. Hope things get better soon for you.

stephanie said...

Thanks :) hoping it will too