Friday, 26 April 2013

flickr faves

so i lieu of a decent blog post, i have cobbled together another flickr faves post. some of these are quite old as i dont go on flickr much anymore, but i thought id share anyway.

1. 004, 2. Zinnia is still looking for a home..., 3. Ms Pamplemousse, 4. Rag Bag Designs The Fiesta Collection, 5. This mornings' helper, 6. Nataliae & Scott, 7. Soon ☺, 8. Hawaiian Outfit Set, 9. Nekogatsu Zukin, 10. Crocheting - work in progress, 11. Granny bag ta-dah!, 12. Kawaii Sushi Outfit, 13. Two peas in a pod n__n, 14. A few my JJ customs, 15. Frankie Says Relax, 16. Playing in the snow

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