Saturday, 2 April 2011

life goes on.

The heartache is easing, and we're not crying all the time. We still miss our boy terribly but life has to go on.
Heart pattern here.
I originally did this LO for April's category stories challenge, but as a group we have since decided to put the blog on hold, partly due to decreasing participation and partly due to increasingly busy lives.
You can still have a go at the challenge if you like, it was to be '-----or-----', so i chose 'ice cream or hubby?'. This was an old joke between us, as i always used to say i loved him more than Ben and Jerrys.
Orange sprinkle button from the lovely kittyrobot etsy.

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corsetkitten (aka Erica) said...

I'm really sorry that your boy had to go. At least he was at home, with people he loved (and not outside or something & far from home). Not that it makes it better...but it's so ok to miss him & to grieve.