Tuesday, 12 April 2011

busy bee

yup thats me! between skating practice, work and uni, ive not had time to breathe!!
The girls are getting their summer gear on and im almost at the top of FrankieDARLING's commission list. I've decided Pandora, my Amaryllis, is going to get the full treatment!
I'm also on the lookout for blythe sized skates - i keep missing out on sales!!

here's some flickr faves to tide things over until i have the time and inclination to take photos again:
1. Brown kitty, 2. OMG, 3. New outfits, 4. For you?, 5. Tribbles!, 6. Untitled, 7. Merry-eyes, 8. Sucky Lip Cutie!, 9. Vintage reproduction buttons, 10. Italy Heart Throb, 11. moshi-moshi cards for japan, 12. Eggs, 13. Emerald and tractor, 14. Blythe Carnival time!, 15. Absenta feeler 04, 16. What i made today! >_<

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