Sunday, 11 April 2010


i havent really been doing much here, hence the lack of updates. in fact i seem to have been just working. which sucks.
i got my new blythe dolls on tuesday. Here they are with my other three:
New additions
they really stand out!! Mango is now called Elidee and Guava is Maeve.
*ive bought a few new scrappy products but nothing much, added a bit to my polaorid 'me' album and worked some more.
*ive been checking up on the new house me and marcus want, which hasnt even been built yet. im determined WE WILL get the house so keep going down to find out if they've started yet.
*and just because, heres my new girlie converse and some Toms, which ive decided to buy next payday.

want to buy:

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Jodie said...

they are so bright next to the other girls :) yours look like they have good hair, better than some ive seen! i love their brightness!

yay for new shoes, i wish i had of gotten the girly cons, when i got my new pair a few months back, i got the normal lowcuts, but really want the girlies.
there are kurt cobain high tops coming out in may i WANT them!!