Thursday, 29 April 2010


Today the new sketch went up over at twisted sketches, and the twist this week was 'clean'. having just had my hair cut, it gave me the perfect photo op!!

yesterday i got ANOTHER blythe doll! (sorry for those of you that dont like them, picture following). She's a CanCanCat and had horribly greasy box hair. So one hair wash later i also changed her lashes. I found a necklace in town with a cute bottle on with a piece of paper saying 'once upon a time' for her pull charm. im calling her Mab, as in the Queen of the Winter Faeries from a Jim Butcher book.


Star Rork said...

love the layout, its very "clean"!

Nancy said...

Love your latest twisted sketch layout! what a fun page! and love your doll too!