Friday, 2 October 2009


thats right, laugh. it's the beginning of October so it's time to play along at category stories. Firstly, a couple of points:

  1. starting November, we'll be going back to one prompt per month.

  2. No more flickr requirement. whilst it makes it easier to view all entries in one place, you dont have to.

  3. our GDT contest is exteneded until october 15th. simply complete 2 of the previous 3 challenges (as far as i can tell, saturday morning cartoons, pampering me) and sent us an email with a short bio to

Those successful with be emailed letting them know which month they will be guesting.

This month's winners (that's right, 2! one for each challenge!) will win an amazing kit from qtea kits, a favourite company of mine.

and here's what i did for this prompt. i thought i would try something different for once!!

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