Friday, 16 October 2009


*got this fab advent calender from marcus. pirates!!! lego!!!

also found these baubles on the lego site..

*did a bit of scrapping for future challenges..
*bought some presents for bday and christmas..
*yesterday we had issues with some new furniture. one of the ranges has been discontinued so we only got half a delivery. apparently someone phoned marcus's work 3 DAYS AGO to tell us (he's been ill). if they knew they were stopping a range, could we not have been told weeks ago? or our items held? out order was placed 3 months ago and only held off delivery as we were waiting for a bed frame. very grr. to top it off, their customer services person was very rude and extremely unhelpful.


Vicki said...

ooh cool lego stuff!!! really love it. it sucks about your furniture tho xxx

I am... said...

that really sucks about the furniture, wow what a bad company not to say months ago it wasnt all going to be available, did it all match in the set?

on the upside, the lego stuff is awesome and i want those christmas balls!! :) lol