Tuesday, 9 June 2009


just bought these two dresses from pickle lily pie. really cant afford it but they were too cute to resist! must hurry up with my berets so i can start an etsy store!
i made a list of other crochetable items so i can get my store going. it will have to be done in stages as i get RSI in my index finger if i crochet for too long!

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I am... said...

i cant wait for the etsy store.
i think u should make bows, like the one on the gloves u sent, and then u could maybe put them on a little snap clip - baby sized, they would be super cute for blythe <3

if u need buttons for any of ur designs u know to send the list.

and i havnt forgotten ur package, we spent so much over the weekend we have about 12bux till payday next week so i cant post it but its ready for monday to be ona journey to you.
so lmk by then if u want more things put in :D