Sunday, 28 June 2009


there was a little knock at the door earlier and one of our neighbours had brought us a stick of rock each back from their holiday. how sweet!!

i went to speak to a lady at a house development nearby to find out our options for moving house. there arent any. we basically have to sit tight, saving saving saving, waiting for prices to improve. in our rabbit hutch.

marcus is back at work tomorrow, first time in 3 weeks. fingers crossed.


I am... said...

oh that sucks you cant move like u want, i know how it feels i wish we could move also, i dream of the day i can afford a home :) itll be so pretty and not gross like this rental place.

yes my girls love the hat, but i think donna has swiped it, it goes so well with her red hair, must do a photo shoot ;)

Vicki said...

aww bless that's nice of them! mmm rock hehe. i tagged you over on my blog hun xx