Sunday, 19 April 2009


some dolly photos from today. first is bella sporting her new cupcake pullcharm. im still thinking of cutting her fact i dreamt about it last night..but im not sure how to do it...suggestions??

and here is frankie modelling the new dollymolly outfit. what a cutie!

also today we went on a 6 mile round trip bike ride, but on the return leg, one of my pedals fell off and i had to walk it home! frustrating much?


Jodie said...

oooh a bob would be so adorable on her!
love the pullcharm!!

and i bought u some fabric today, i saw this pattern and i knew you would like it.
it will go into the parcel of all the other things i buy here and there and think ill post that to steph, i have a little drawer with things for u. someday lol

yyam said...

The little cupcake is so cute! I'm not a doll collector but these look quite interesting. I like long hair with my own (lol).

Sorry about the pedal on your happened to my dad but he still managed to ride home though.

Have a great weekend!