Sunday, 5 April 2009

and so to work

ah yes, another set of nights. hmph.

  • yesterday and today me and marcus did the best thing you can do on a a paper and take it to a pub, whereby you sit with as many drinks as it takes to go through each supplement in that paper. bliss.
  • my wicker basket is now fixed onto the front of my bike.
  • i went to see Monsters v Aliens. i have to say, the giant robot scene was very War of the Worlds, right down to the noises. if i was 5, id have been scared!!
  • i crocheted myself some fingerless gloves, taking the pattern from my 'i love crochet' book.

  • had another go at an essay im writing for work. only 2000 words to go. ick.
  • vicki can i get your address please!!
  • dont forget my pay it forward, 4 places remain.

1 comment:

Vicki said...

hi stephanie

my email is so if you email me i will email you my address. i will also do the PIF thing too!!!