Saturday, 5 April 2008


its been a good day today.

last night i got a phone call to ask if i wanted to take the night as holiday because my patient got sent to the ward. of course i said yes!

i got my bampop polaroid stamp from red velvet kit club today, as well as some new love,elsie and cardstock.

we had lunch at pizza hut for my neice's 4th birthday. we bought her some barbie outfits which she seemed very happy more naked barbies!

my 'she's famous now' LO won layout of the month on shabby chic crafts!

check out the kittyrobot blog. jodie has added some DT stuff, my 'she's famous now' LO being on there as it used a button and a rainbow made by her fair hands

1 comment:

Nikki_Wartho said...

I want that bampop stamp! it rocks!
love your layout on kitty robots blog! have a great weekend.