Sunday, 13 April 2008

the bedroom

at jodie's request, here it is, the bedroom with the one green wall!
it's a lot brighter IRL!

did anyone join in the Elle's Studio blog party?? due to time difference i could do much checking out of it, but this morning i followed a link to this place, shop kawaii . so much cute stuff! i can feel a purchase!

some flickr faves:

1. happy-makin' treats on acid, 2. enter the dragon, 3. now where did I put the gold paint?, 4. pray hard, 5. lego cupcakes!, 6. rainbow and cupcake cupcakes, 7. Valencia St., 8. just when i thought the coast was clear... nostalgia found me again!, 9. scrapmojo challenge "subject:wtf was my mum thinking", 10. yummy breakfast, 11. ninguins stamp set, 12. we "like, totally" <3 the 80s..., 13. hellobot & bonjourbot, 14. yum, 15. HEART felt, 16. rainbow

1 comment:

Jodie said...

oooh looks pretty and love those prints on the wall!!!
i have a few on my loungeroom wall too! :)

thanks for sharing!