Monday, 27 March 2017

A weekend of highs and lows.

This weekend has been a real mixed bag.
Friday was Ella's 5th birthday. We'd got her a scooter, and whilst she was at school, i actually baked her a cake; she wanted a princess cake but in the end, said mine was better than a princess cake.


Saturday we went for lunch at Frankie and Benny's. Littlest was fast asleep so Ella had a lunch with us to herself. We couldn't have a big day out as my mother in law was in hospital and needed to be bear. Besides that, we have a party all booked and those things aren't cheap!! 

Then we went to Toys r Us and she chose a new helmet for her scooter. Rosalind thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Sunday was Mother's Day here in the UK. So obviously that meant another lunch out! This time it was Giraffe where i had their amazing Koti Roll. Unfortunately we had a call form the hospital and lunch was cut short. Everything was ok but it was still scary. Then we visited my mum for a bit. 
It was glorious sunshine here which was perfect.

My mother in law is moving to a hospice for care now so there will be more lows to come.

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