Friday, 6 January 2017

2017 Planner life

Our first Planner Girls Collective post this year is looking back at 2016 planners, what's worked, hasn't worked and what you changed.

Last year I was very happy with my set up. I was in my gold saffiano for most of the year and we got on fine. My only issue was memory keeping. Now I have two girls, it was a struggle to keep track of the little things we do in my personal rings.

This year, I have decided on two planners.
I have my filofax Paperchase exclusive with my regular inserts: finance, month to view and week on two pages. I have a few basic stickers in the front pockets and keep a year to view for writing my shifts. There is also a credit card pocket for washi samples and photos. I have also decided this year to start a Happy Planner. I went for a classic size and intend on using this for memory keeping. I will add photos and at some point will buy the memorabilia inserts for weeks that require more space.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Found your post via Philofaxy. Best of luck with your system for the new year - looks nice : )


stephanie said...

Ah thank you!