Sunday, 1 May 2016

A pretty good day

Yesterday was one of those days where the Gods smiled on us.
It was sunny, albeit with a chilly breeze, so we headed to the park. I packed a light picnic, grabbed the blanket and we loaded the car.
We managed to find a parking space in the ridiculously small car park and the sun continued to try its best.
It was 1030 and I was hungry, so i had a gorgeous cone of chips and hot chocolate on the bench, whilst husband and eldest fed the birds with purchased seed.
We went to the crazy golf, which was empty. It was still sunny but slightly chilly. Marcus played with Ella.
We walked around the lake. Ella played in the park. We ate our picnic. We went on the miniature railway.
Four hours later and we were getting chilly, the rain was heading in but we'd had a lovely day!

And that evening we met our new, tiny baby nephew.

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