Saturday, 23 April 2016

Fiddle necklaces

Also known as 'teething jewellery'.
I didn't have any of these when Ella was little. I thought only hippy mummies wore them and that didn't feel like me (I also didn't do cloth nappies and was late to baby Slings. I guess I've turned into one of those mummies after all!). This time around I have discovered a whole world of teething/fiddle Jewellery! I originally steered clear of it as I wasn't a fan of Big chunky wooden beads, but now I have found silicone bead designs I have a quite a collection!

The two bangles, cat and star are from Gumigem, and this was the first company I discovered. I loved that they did more statement piece jewellery, and they have designs suitable for men too!

The two other necklaces were from a WAHM ( work at home mum) company called Coastal Path Creations; search for her on Facebook. The lovely Stef created the yellow and pearl especially for me.

Have a search on Facebook or etsy for 'teething jewellery' and you'll be amazed what is out there!

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Sian said...

They're a great idea. I remember when I was getting my wisdom teeth I chewed on the lid of a hot water bottle..looking at these now I can see why the shape of the lid appealed!