Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Ikat Mini Review

This weekend i decided the time was right to take my bargain beauty out for a ride. I needed to take a smart bag which unfortunately didnt have the space for my full pocket planner, so I moved, briefly, into my compact.

I liked the fact that my phone fitted into the pocket..that was a good point.

I didnt like that the card pockets are SERIOUSLY deep. So deep infact, that i found a card belonging to the previous owner, hidden at the bottom!

Novelty pens are a no no. I have never owned a zipped planner before, so i dont know if this is normal, but the zip does not like the fun bits. No. 

Being a compact, the rings are very small. I had barely enough room for notepaper, let alone diary pages.

I do really like my darling bargain Ikat. But she's only for special occasions. Maybe a bit of notepaper and not a lot else.

So sorry pretty lady, Im still after that special personal.


Bree said...

I found the same issues with the Ikat - deep card slots, too narrow to hold a pen or many pages. I ended up selling mine. pretty sure I didn't leave a card in it :)

stephanie said...

It's a little annoying. Luckily the previous owner didn't leave a hugely important card in it!