Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Meal Planning and Bulk Freezing

Ever since I started using a simple meal planning printable for my planner, I find im lost without prior planning. If I forget to preplan, then dinner time becomes boring and unsatisfying. I love finding recipes in magazines and pintrest, but if they don't get used then they get forgotten; and planning helps make sure they get used. I love my 'food' board, and am constantly adding to it.

And now ive discovered the world of bulk freezing..oh my. these people are cooking machines! They spend whole evenings just cooking and bagging and labelling. And I want, just a little bit, to be like them. I mean, look at this board! 729 pins so far, all on the art of freezing. wow. just wow.


Sian said...

I dream of being an expert bulk freezer. Thinking up what to make every night is one of my least favourite jobs. I think this would help

stephanie said...

I don't know how i survived without a plan!