Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Green Eyed Monster

I can't help it. I get jealous easily. Other people's fancy holidays? Why can't we afford that? People who have nice finished houses? I want one. When my sister gets Pandora charms for mother's day and birthdays etc I feel A little ball of Green building up.
I can't help it. I try, I really do. But from the outside it all seems so...well, so unfair! Yes there was a little foot stomp. I'm sure behind the scenes things aren't so east or rosy, but we don't see that. We only get to see the finished, the pretty and expensive. And it hurts sometimes.

But to add a note of happiness, here's E and the husband at my sister in laws wedding on Friday.


Sian said...

You've got a lovely family there :)

stephanie said...

Thank you :) I'm very lucky.